We work closely with our clients in all areas of Interior Decoration, Space Planning, Remodeling/ReDesign, and Color Consulting.

EM reDesign has over 12 years of experience in the interior design/ decorating business. We have designed beautiful homes for clients in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and Albuquerque. Our focus is on creative solutions to every design opportunity or dilemma. Whether you are simply choosing the perfect paint colors, need decorating ideas for any room or you are tackling a complete home makeover, we have the design expertise to guide you through the process. Aside from the basic decorating services we also provide the follow services.

Consulting Services
Consultations are available for new construction and all remodeling or re-design jobs. I will help you choose all of your finishes, and guide you towards the perfect appliances, furnishings, etc. When needed I will provide layouts or 3D drawings for remodels. Sourcing locally is a priority for me and creating the greenest space possible in your home with the least amount of waste. Our hourly consultation rates are affordable and convenient for people who would benefit from the experience and advice of a design expert.

Your office space, the interior design, fixtures, furniture and decor are a reflection of your company’s image and brand. EM reDesign provides the knowledge and expertise for your renovation or new construction project to ensure your offices are a positive reflection of your business.
We assess your goals, budget, organizational and operational requirements, then carefully sketch out the details such as space planning, conceptual design, finishes and furnishings, and budget. Once we have created a concept that is right for you and your business, we will implement and manage all phases of the project through completion.
Whether you need new office furniture, a renovation of your current office or you are building a new commercial space, contact EM reDesign today for commercial interior design needs in Albuquerque.

Kitchen & Bath Design
Successful kitchen and bath remodeling requires a strong focus on design. While many standard layouts remain popular, today’s kitchens and baths often demand multiple work centers and innovative storage areas to meet the demands of the modern household. When we design kitchens and baths, we begin with the clients’ needs and expectations in mind. Once the perfect design is created, we help our clients select the cabinets, counter tops, floor, tile, paint colors, fixtures and even appliances that best fit the space, reflect the client’s personal sense of style and keep the project within budget.

Color Consulting
The right color can make all the difference. It can change how you feel in a space, and can change how the space feels. Color can make a too small room seem cozier and an awkward space feel better.
I’ll help you take the guesswork out of choosing your colors and help you understand what the colors you select are going to do to the space, and to each other. Together we’ll develop a palette that reflects your unique tastes and sensibilities, enhances your style and coordinates with the character of your home – creating the effect you are looking for.

New Home Construction & Renovations
We understand there’s an overlap between home builders, architects and decorators.  Like the home builders and architects we work with, we also believe in form and function. We know our mutual goals are to make the built environment better for the clients. Many people look at building a home, architecture and interior design as three distinctive and separate entities but when they work together, they can create something very special for the people who will live in the home.
EM reDesign  will study all the interior aesthetics; how natural and artificial light spreads throughout the spaces, color selection, flooring, lighting, kitchen and bath fixtures and everything that affects the interior space. As experienced designers, we have worked with many individual architects and builders and the collaborative effort and outcome has been beneficial to the client, much more so than when an architect, builder and interior designer work independently of each other.

One Day Makeovers
Sometimes all you need for your home to shine is a One Day Makeover. We comes in to re-arrange your existing furniture and accessories to create a fresh, updated appearance. You will be amazed at what a fresh perspective and people with a keen eye for design and space can do with your existing spaces!
Even if it’s just a single room, we’ll use our years of expertise, and our critical eye, to redesign your home to make a noticeable, refreshing difference.