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Episode 2; Preparing your Home for Sale, DeCluttering


Decluttering can be daunting. If you have lived in the home for quite some time, then there will be a fair amount of decluttering to do. I will not sugar coat this, it will be time consuming and a lot of hard work, but a very important step in preparing your home for sale.
I often suggest that my clients rent a storage space and pack away all the things that won’t be needed for the next several months. If you don’t, all the extra stuff will just end up in the garage or worse in the closets or an extra room. Sort. one room at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed. In each room set out three large boxes on the floor and one large trash bag, The boxes should be labeled, keep, sell, donate and the trash bag is obvious. Pick up an item, decide where it goes. Now repeat this over and over until the room is done. I know, I’ve over simplified this, but really that’s what needs to happen.
Most of your time will be spent organizing the kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. So make sure to take your time and get it right.
Taking out the excess stuff in your kitchen – on the shelves, in the drawers, inside the cabinets – will show you potential buyers how much space you have. Get rid at least half of the items in your kitchen. Clear out drawers and cupboards. And don’t forget all the stuff in your junk drawer. Small appliances,Pots, pans , bake ware and cooking utensils use up lots of valuable kitchen space., keep just what you need to get through the next few months and pack everything else away. Make sure to clear everything off the counter tops except for one small appliance, usually the coffee maker. Home buyers will almost certainly look inside your refrigerator so guess what, you will need to declutter it too.. Remove half of the stuff in the fridge , You want potential buyers to see that your refrigerator/freezer is spacious, works properly and is clean. Keep the pantry shelves half full and pack away the rest. The only furniture that should be in the kitchen is a small or medium table with no more than four chairs or three bar stools. Everything else (such as rolling carts, extra stand-alone shelving, high chairs, changing tables, etc. need to be cleared out. Leave as much free floor space as you can and the kitchen will read “spacious” and “uncluttered”.
Common areas of your home, LR/DR/FR need to be welcoming spaces that the prospective home buyer can see themselves enjoying the time spent in the room with their family. Make sure to edit the amount of furniture in each. Clear off all the item that are on surfaces If you have bookshelves, leave only a few attractive books, and Pack up the rest. I suggest that you get one a storage ottoman or decorative container to keep in the family or living room. That way, when your get a call from your Realtor, you can put all the toys very easily.
Bedrooms should be calm spaces. Remove excess furniture, computers, bulky tvs etc. Furniture surfaces should be clear of items. Your clothes should be put away neatly. You should purge your closets of all clothes you will not be wearing over the next couple months. Ideally a closet should only be half full. Bathrooms should be clear of everything except a couple decorative items. Keep only the bare necessities in cabinets and drawers and they should be neatly organized. I understand it’s difficult for children and teens to keep their rooms neat. a really good idea is to provide each child with a plastic bin. Have them decide which toys or games they want to keep while the house is on the market and everything else goes into storage.
I envy people that have clean and organized garages. Most garages end up being used for storage, and most often disorganized storage. It’s very import to include your garage in your cleaning and staging plans. Potential buyers will look at a clean and organized garage as great valuable space for their stuff. This translates to dollar signs.

BY: Edgar Marroquin

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