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Episode 1; Preparing your Home for Sale, DePersonalizing


Depersonalizing your home is one of the most important steps in the home staging process. For most people, putting away your personal items such as family photos and collectables is a very emotional process. This is why it is very important to prepare yourself emotionally before doing this! It may seem cruel to hear that the “personal stamp” you have lovingly placed on your home needs to be removed in order to make it more appealing to potential home buyers, but remember, you are selling your house, not your stuff!

Go all through your home and take down photos and paintings. This includes and especially applies to large framed portraits. Don’t be selective, take everything down.

Get a head start on your packing and start taking down those prized trophies, awards, certificates and diplomas. Get those things off the shelves packed away. The added benefit of de-personalizing is that it’s also a good start to de-cluttering, especially offices and work spaces.

Pack up your ‘collections’. . collections often create a lot of visual clutter, especially in online photos. Hundreds of antique plates, figurines, ball caps or beer bottles lining shelves are distracting and may block the view of other features of the home. Put away toys and sporting or exercise equipment. They are also considered personal items. This step is important for several reasons. It helps with two other major home staging principles as well, ‘de-cluttering’ and ‘rooms set to room type’. You don’t want a bunch of toys in the living room or workout stuff in your bedroom, that just confuses potential buyers and gives the impression there is no room to put things away in the house.

Items that may be potentially controversial should also be put away. It might be a very expesnsive painting or statue, but it it can potentially offend someone, why not just pack it away  You will have a wide variety of people and personalities viewing your home online before deciding to go view your home in-person. You don’t know what little thing might turn off a potential buyer. Also keep in mind that People have very strong personal believes about politics and religion,. This is about selling your house, not convincing people to look at life from your point of view.

De-personalize your bathrooms. Most of the items in your bathrooms will likely be personal, makeup, toothbrushes, bathrobe, etc. The best rule of thumb is to remove EVERYTHING from your bathroom counters and in bathtubs and showers first. Then put back only a few decorative items like hand towel, bath salts or candle but no personal care products.

Depersonalizing is all about neutralizing, or removing your personality from the house so that buyers can mentally see themselves moving in. Your goal is to make viewers feel like your home could potentially become theirs. So, that is step one in preparing your home for sale.

BY: Edgar Marroquin

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